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tv   Today  NBC  March 28, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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sale ends march 31st. there are 400 sleep number stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody! it's booze day tuesday. hoda's favorite day of the week. it's march 27th. we're glad you are with us today. >> hi. >> hey, hodie! >> how are you. >> good. good. got lots going on around here. >> we have to point out there was a beautiful sound coming from studio 1a today. lionel ritchie was in the studio singing with little big town. great band.
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take a listen real quick. ♪ lord i'm comin' home to you ♪ >> the thing about lionel is that everyone of his songs is a great song so you're not only happy to hear that song again because you've got great memories, then he brings all these terrific people off this duet album and does it with them and they're all people you love, too. >> this is all great country stars who sing with him. he said he was handing some of the lyrics out to some of the country music stars and they said we don't need the lyrics. every single person knew the lyrics to his songs. he's got a terrific album, called "tuskegee." every single song's a winner. there are lots of things going on today. only here on four hours of the "today" show can you go from that sort of thing that you go to an interview matt had with christie brinkley.
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>> she came on and talked to matt -- apparently she'd been asked to speak at a lot of different places and she said she didn't want to -- >> speak out about her recurring and continuing marital problems. >> exactly. she decided to come and talk with matt. it was interesting. she's actually going to star in the broadway musical "chicago." >> which she's been doing for about a year now. >> anyway, just watch this chunk of the interview and see what you think. >> what i keep thinking about is you've got kids together and these kids are no longer young kids. they are teenagers and they're old enough to understand this. and some people look and say, the parents are acting more like teenagers than the teenagers. >> this is my first time on tv. okay? this is my first time. i want to stress that. i have never gone on a tv show. peter went on barbara walters, he went on geraldo rivera, he went back on geraldo rivera, he went on "good morning america." let's ask him why is he doing that.
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>> how can you two of you now make this better for the sake of the children, for the sake of your private life and peter's private life. >> what the experts say is you need to have a no-contact rule. and i put in place my lawyer over two years ago and i have not -- i haven't had any contact with him. but he continues to, you know, contact me and that's the problem. and so i quietly asked the judge, please, make this stop, protect my right to peace. i just want peace for my family. and i also -- sorry -- but i just want peace. >> yeah. i mean it was very emotional. i don't know how everybody feels about this. most marriages go through tough times and it's how you deal with your tough time and she's -- i
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think this is -- she's been married quite a few times. >> a handful of times. >> a handful of times. it never gets easier. that's the craziness about marriage. it never gets easier. one thing i do know, i've been through this a little bit personally myself. a lot of people have. when it comes to the children, you give up certain rights when you are a parent. because you don't really matter anymore. you have to postpone your pain for a while and deal with the children because little people do not deserve big people problems. what i wish she had done is come on and just said, listen -- i'm not discussing my private life and i'm going to tell you what's going on with -- and just refuse to do it. you can't blame matt or any other journalist for doing it. here's what frank and i did when we were going through a tough thing. she wants the courts to fix things. no, she's the adult, he's the adult. they have to find a way to fix things. when you're in the bubble like that, you think that's all
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anybody's talking about, anybody's reading about. you walk into a restaurant, oh, my gosh, did you see -- you know what? they're not. people have a lot of problems and they might be even, oh, i heard they're back in court. it's not as huge as you think it is. the best thing you can ever do is not get what she called a court thing, a do-not-can't. you don't contact. you turn off your television. you turn off the radio. you -- >> don't read the rags. >> you don't read the rags. you don't take your children to places where they'll read the rags. as much as possible you don't let that input into you. then you feel like you're compelled, you have to speak about it. >> the thing you do say a lot, this i agree with, too, whatever you put into your system comes out. that's such a true statement. if you read nothing but rags day and night, there's something you become. if you watch nothing but porn day and night -- some people do -- >> you are what you eat. that's exactly right. no. i feel for her because i remember what that's like.
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you just feel like, oh, my gosh, that's all anybody can talk about. no, no. and we wouldn't be talking about it now if she hadn't come on the show. i pray the best for them as a family but for goodness's sakes, the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and be there for your children and create an environment for them that is not toxic. >> right. you're right. absolutely right. all right, guys, last night -- there was a little bit of fun last night. giada delaurentiis have 20 -- >> but she never eats. >> first, point out this picture. it's significant. matt, jay, giada and me and in the corner there's debbie. she's saying i'm not in the picture. people on the other side of debbie that work with us at the "today" show, that's who was really there. just so you know, mark was also there and jenny thompson, her producer was there. it was a nice group of people who came on to cheer on giada. she's going to cook with us with little jade.
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>> i thought i was going to go see "hunger games," so i'm going at 4:00 today. everyone was wondering what we thought. you know when you get back from a trip and there's just so much stuff you got to take care of that you just weren't planning on. >> should we take care of a big piece of business on our today show family? >> only on the four hours of the "today" show will you experience this as well. we just talked about a marriage that's falling apart and now we have marriage that's just beginning. our girl, bobbie thomas! >> oh, my gosh. i was nervous before. >> we love you! >> congrats. >> tell us about it. >> his name is michael. we know that. >> yes. and i am so nervous right now. >> the crew is heartbroken. they're devastated. >> there is mashing of teeth. it's tough. >> he's already threatened to beat them up for me. >> they don't like the fact you have not brought him around around they have not been able
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to pass muster with him. they want to judge him. >> i think i want to throw up right now. i'm just -- it's always been sort of a little nice secret to have, as you both now, outside of the show. and so michael, you're amazing. i love you very much. i'm so nervous. i don't know why i'm talking about this. >> she's got a gorgeous ring. >> he put it on chica, my dog's collar. he ran up into the bed, it was 12:30 at night. i was thinking, no, this is not happening right now. he finally said -- we've been having a conversation like this for five minutes and -- yeah. >> you've been going together how long so everybody knows out there? >> gosh. i mean we were dating for a while but i didn't realize how amazing he was until the last like 2 1/2, 3 years. i don't even know. >> he's been working you down slowly and surely, hasn't he? >> yes. >> yes. >> now that you've made the decision, you just seem so at peace about it until you had to come on and talk about it. no, but we're so happy for you. we love you.
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>> he's a wonderful guy! just take good care of each other, sweetheart. okay? >> yes, we will. thank you, everyone. >> she's going to go throw up now. i think this is a perfect segue into our next story, the woman who's pregnant and she knows it -- i'm kidding, this isn't about bobbie thomas but, guys, this is a great piece of video. it has 500,000 hits on youtube. you know the song "i'm sexy and i know it"? this woman's pregnant and she and her husband decided to put on a really great little video that we haven't seen. let's watch it. ♪ just look at my belly ♪ just look at my belly ♪ pig out i got a baby on the way and i ain't afraid to show it show it show it -- i'm pregnant and i know it ♪ ♪ yo ♪
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♪ i do the waddle, girl, yeah ♪ i'm pregnant and i know it >> now she's due any day now and the idea i guess came -- she was walking down the hall going, waddle waddle waddle. it sounded like wiggle wiggle wiggle to him. we wish them all a happy baby. we got to talk about "the voice" from last night. >> this cat freaks me out. i get the creepos with the cat. there's something about this cat. look at those eyes. >> he's freaky. this is the cat on "the voice" cee lo is always petting. >> ooh, ooh, ooh, weird.
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we're going to go through the battle rounds. okay? i want to see who you pick. gross! stop stroking it. >> go ahead, i'm ready. >> oh, i get to watch. >> this is christina, moses, stone versus the line. ♪ i can't get no ♪ i can't get no ♪ i can't get no ♪ i can't get no ♪ satisfaction ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ because i try and i try and i try and i try oh and i try ♪ >> that was the lions versus moses. >> i think i would go with the duet only because i didn't love
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the way he was phrasing -- and he was coming in too soon on a measure and it's one thing to be soulful, it is another thing to just take it -- >> i completely agree we but christina chose the guy who sang by himself. >> okay. >> here's another one, nicole versus mattai. this was a tough one. ♪ head under water and they tell me to breathe easy for a while ♪ ♪ the breathing is harder even i know that ♪ ♪ maybe it's too soon for me to see if i'm happy in your hands ♪ ♪ i'm usually hard to hold on to ♪ >> those two, who do you like? >> i didn't like either one of them that much. no, i think the first young girl was very pretty but she had some pitch problems and the second
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one has that that i'm not crazy about. you have to have your own distinctive sound and that sounds like a lot of other people. i probably would have gone with the blonde girl first. >> the other girl won. >> yeah. >> here's the last one. we got to see this one. so this is justin hopkins versus tony benson. this was the most difficult. ♪ wheels go round and round throughout my mind ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ restless hearts sleep alone tonight ♪ ♪ sending all my love along the wire ♪ >> did you like the bald guy or the other guy? >> the other guy. >> the bald guy won. >> yeah, see? >> i know, everyone picked every single one wrong. >> according to you.
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>> according to me. weird. >> i was trying to hear but you were munching popcorn through the whole thing. >> i get nervous. let me tell you why. i get nervous like i'm actually wachg "the view --" i mean watching "the voice." >> but it's okay now to eat your popcorn, everybody. we need to let you know that. they're saying it has all kinds of health benefits without all the oil and salt. chocolate's good. >> this drink is great. rachel maddow is with us and she made a specific request for a drink that she loves. it's called -- french 75. >> gin, lemon juice, sugar and champagne. how does that woman do her show? we're going to talk to her later. she's got a terrific new book called "adrift, the unmooring of american military power." we have a bunch of questions yesterday about our favorite thing. this lipstick wanted to know what the color was. the shade of it is called supremely confident. yeah. okay? it's by mac, $14.50.
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>> remember how you were curious about the hair concealer that covers up your roots? >> i forgot to shake it. that's why it came out dark. you spray it right in the root line and it gives you a week and then you don't -- until you shampoo it again. so it gives you more time. otherwise you're constantly -- >> you only shampoo once a week? >> no. twice a week. i do twice a week. i have dry hair. if i shampooed every day, you'd be like what's going on. >> i have to tease you, hoda woman. coming up next -- a great, great story. >> the art of forgiveness. i wish so much christie could have stayed with us to have a t.d. jakes song. he's going to share his words of wisdom right of after these messages.
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"time" magazine named bishop t.j. jakes america's best preacher. after 35 years of religious counseling around the world, he's discovered one common thread that's at the root of many failed relationships.
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>> "the new york times" best-selling author is here to share his message of hope through his new book called "let it go." forgive so you can be forgiven. >> we're so happy that you're here with us. >> thank you. it is great to be back with you. >> people don't realize they're doing the most damage to themselves by not forgiving. >> i think that's really so true. they think it is some sort of defense or an attack against the perpetrator in their life when in reality it's forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself. it helps you to get on with your life and to pronounce a benediction of your past and move forward. >> it's hard, i think, for some people, when you've been through a lot of pain -- say in a divorce -- you have such anger and the idea of forgiving i think feels like to some you're letting him win, in a way. >> it is natural to have anger and it is not really a message about not having anger. the problem is keeping anger. when anger sits in us and becomes cancerous to our emotions, our soul, our
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creativity, it is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. >> yeah. >> right. right. obviously this has been a theme. you've seen this so much. do you see it that people want someone to ask for forgiveness first before they give it? is that like a -- >> sometimes it's asked. sometimes it can be asking for forgiveness, it can be paying me my money back. it can be sisters reconciling. so many issues across the board, even in the workplace, where unforgiveness is detrimental, it stops productivity and creativity and most of all it takes energy to keep it going. you have to remind yourself of what happened and what they did and live it over and over again. it is unhealthy for you. >> no, it isn't healthy. what would you say to somebody like christie and her ex-husband still battling it out and publicly after four years of being divorced. what would your guidance as a pastor be to them? >> first, i understood so well what you said earlier. first i think it is important that you have privacy because you have personal pain.
2:25 am
it would be natural to go through a divorce and be healed immediately -- it wouldn't be natural. while you are healing you need privacy. ultimately over time you want to be able to go on with your life and let it go. because when you let it go you announce to yourself that you have a future. when you keep living in your past, you're letting your history destroy your destiny. >> and define you today. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i know some people who have been through terrible abuse. i have friends who have been through that. that's one of those things that they say, like if it's their father, a horrible guy, whomever, they say i just can't bring myself to let him off the hook. and in some cases the person passes away and there's not even the physical person to forgive. >> absolutely. the reality is unforgiveness is not holding him on the hook. it's holding you on the hook. that's the thing you have to remember. this is about you. it's not about the perpetrator. as long as you put that energy into that area of your life, you're hurting yourself. >> if you can't give forgiveness, you're really don't have the right to ask for it either, do you? >> that's what really gets me. you can't really conceive that
2:26 am
you can be forgiven because you don't forgive yourself. there was a line in the lord's prayer that really started it all for me. forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. i always had trouble saying that, because i thought i don't know if i want god forgiving me the way i treat other people. maybe i need to work on forgiving other people. >> isn't it fascinating when you decide i'm going to love that neighbor, that person, all of a sudden it almost molecularly you change because love can't live where hate does. >> that's absolutely right. you have to be a strong person to do it. forgiveness is not for weak people. it is a high idea where you see the bigger ideal, the longer ideal of where you want to go ultimately. unforgiveness lives in the past, in the moment. forgiveness says i believe in the future and i have a higher principle. >> congrats on "time" magazine picking you as the best preacher. >> then you were wonderful at whitney's going-home service. god bless her family. >> thank you. >> you come and see us every
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time, would you? >> yes. >> hallelujah! everybody say it. still ahead, living single and loving it. but first, these messages. your dog's a contradiction. he's sticking his butt out the window, instead of his head. you're eating starburst, [ guy 2 ] it's solid, yet juicy. dude, your dog is weird. don't listen to him, benny. you're not weird, you're an innovator. no, he's weird. [ female announcer ] starburst. it's a juicy contradiction. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day.
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still ahead -- single in america. we'll tell you why it is a growing trend. also, msnbc's rachel maddow talks about her provocative new book. and bobbie thomas newly engaged gives us a leg up on printed pants that make a statement. plus giada's going to cook for us and her little darling girl jade's going to be in the kitchen. our favorite dishes show's going to come.
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we're back with more of "today" talking about a trend you might not be aware of. according to a 2011 census data, there are nearly 33 million americans living alone. that's about 1 in every 4 of all u.s. households. >> according to some researchers, many singles are loving it. but does living alone mean that
2:34 am
you're lonely? jeffrey kluger is "time" magazine's senior editor and dale atkins is a psychologist. >> this is surprising a lot of people. first, the economy has been very tough so people tend to stay at home with their parents and not go out on their own, or get a roommate to share the bills. so this is doubly surprising, i think. >> right. that's one of the striking details that living alone, particularly given the comparisons you made, is the most expensive way to do it, and yet people want to do it. and the trend seems to be about people learning a certain sense of self-containment, beginning to realize that alone is not the same as lonely. it is all about the quality of the relationship. >> i live by myself and i rarely feel lonely. i know, dale, you've been married but you spent a big chunk of your life living by yourself. >> i did. >> did you feel lonely when you were on that path? >> i really didn't. i think as jeffrey was saying, it is really about the quality of the interactions that you have. it is not how many, it is the depth of the experiences you have with friends, it is what you do on your own, it's how you
2:35 am
really utilize your time. and how you get to know yourself, which sometimes you don't have that opportunity to do when you're living with other people. >> to play devil's advocate for just a moment here, are we dealing with though a new basic selfishness which is, it's my life, it's my world, i don't want to do what somebody else wants to do, i don't want to share what i have. is it part of what we hear about the "me" generation that we've just come through as well? >> well, it certainly isn't completely disconnected from it. remember, particularly with social media, we are immersed now in narcissism. we tweet about ourselves. we post about ourselves. we talk about ourselves. every picture we ever take goes up somewhere. right? and yet this trend preceded the explosion of social media. it's really been on the rise since as long ago as 1950 and it's been creeping, creeping, creeping up. >> a lot of people are married in situations and feel
2:36 am
incredibly lonely. i have friends in that situation. it is not just about that. >> absolutely. >> you can absolutely be lonely with another person. it is very different when you are living with someone and not feeling heard and not feeling connected. and when you are living on your own, and then you choose sometimes people say they value their social relationships, even more, because they make a mindful choice about who it is they want to spend time with, how they want to spend their time. as far and the selfish part, what's important i think to understand, if you really do spend time knowing who you are and what you want to do, you are so much there and present so people you then want to be with. one could argue that you are even more socially connected after you are feeling comfortable within yourself. and i think that sometimes we have a sense of, well, i have to be with people in order to keep myself stimulated. we don't necessarily have to be with people to keep ourselves stimulated. there are lots of things we do that are inner oriented that really keep us whole.
2:37 am
>> is there a breakdown in the 1 of 4? is it mainly women? >> yes. and the age group, interestingly, in which this is the most common way of living is 35 to 64. you would think it would be 18 to 34. >> yeah. what is that all about? >> maybe it is divorces and stuff. >> disappointment in relationships? >> remember, in the 35, even 45 age group is lot of it is people who have never married and it is disproportionately female. >> i also wonder if it is your choice. if you live alone if you choose to or if someone leaves you, it must be a whole different dynamic. >> it is a very individual story. >> you do have to consider the experience. and also, after taking care of so many people for so long, there are many women who are older who are just so happy and content to be able to look after their own needs. >> thanks to you both. coming up, next, our girl, newly engaged bobbie thomas. >> would you like to put a little ring on it? [ male announcer ] cookies
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today on "tuesday's trend," it is all about printed pants, that's right, you heard us. >> while your basic black pair may be a basic this season, it is all about the slacks. >> newly engaged bobbie thomas is here to show us how -- first of all, we have to say have you set a date yet? >> my gosh, no. no. next year i think. >> why not wait until your 50. what the heck. >> i'm waiting for hoda to do it with me. we'll throw a double wedding. >> it's going to be a long time. >> i think next year. he laughed. i said i want to try to throw the whole wedding for under $500. >> really? >> yeah. >> justice of the peace i see in the future. floral pants. they are really in, huh? >> prints have been everywhere. you're wearing florals right now.
2:43 am
that's a big trend unto itself. but on the runway you'll see olivia, a celebrity, has printed jeans on. floral printed jeans can be so intimidating. you always hear about trying to wear black on the bottom. but try them on. because here you'll see on chastity, it is all about placement and position of the pattern. the dark background and having the flowers swirl down in a really flattering way can elongate your figure. sometimes you may think not to add the blazer that matches but this keeps your eye line moving up and down and gives you a longer line. i actually think this is such a fun way to wear this. this is aso's curve. i love this collection. maggie's wearing this really hot celebrity trend, the denim with the floral. if you get something that's more muted or a little faded in the pattern, it is not as bold or overwhelming.
2:44 am
just wear it -- you can do a white t-shirt, pair colors and the print. it's fun. >> very cute. thanks, ladies. tribal prints are the other thing that's coming around. >> yeah. there were lots of sort of tribal inspired prints on the runway. what i like about this is it is age appropriate. anyone can wear this, whether you are a teenager or well into retirement. >> look who we have here. >> cool. >> the colors are very organic. nancy has this great palazzo pair of pants. >> we can see her naked leg in there. >> there's a great shorts lining there so it gives a little bit more of an airy feel with the print which makes it more wearable and not so heavy. on irene, if you just a little, the leggings from top shop. classic black and white, wear with a little tunic or dress. those leggings come in maternity and petite an every possible size so there's something for everyone. >> i like the solid tops. >> thank you, ladies. >> keep it simple. >> we've got graphic prints.
2:45 am
those are popular, too. >> graphic prints when you think of diane von furstenberg or this runway shop from millie, really bold prints but the work appropriate question always wear up, can you wear bold prints to work. obviously most florals can be worn. but graphic prints are great for the office because they're clean, they're sort of preppie chic, repetitive. they look smart. >> that is the hot new color for spring, the tangerine. >> thank you, beautiful ladies. >> congrats, bobbie thomas. >> we'll hear more about it on thursday -- friday. i'm so confused. coming up next, msnbc's rachel maddow is here. she will have a drink in hand shortly. we know what you drink, rachel. we'll talk about her new book right after this. [ female announcer ] what happens when glade's new true-to-life fragrances
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show." >> today she's here to talk about our troops and the sacrifices they've made after fighting a decade of two wars. all in her terrific new book called "drift the unmooring of the american military power." >> we're so happy that you're here. you've never been with us before. that's just not right. >> i've been lurking hoping to be invited inside. >> i tweeted this morning and i said i wonder what drink rachel maddow likes in the morning. and everyone -- all your fans were tweeting us but we got to the solution of this. what is it? >> it's a french 75. >> which sounded like a sex act. you know? it just sort of did. >> that's actually the greek 75. >> i'm back on 42. wow, rachel, there you go. >> what's in your favorite drink? >> french 75 is -- well, let's see. >> there's a morning version. >> it is a classic drink. the reason it's relevant is because it is named after a french artillery piece. talking about the military. the book's about the military. it is gin, lemon juice, a little bit of sugar and champagne. that's more the morning version.
2:50 am
then in the evening version you substitute cognac for the gin. >> what do you have at lunch? >> we would all get along very well. >> very, very well. we're having some fun but this is a very serious book and you make some pretty profound statements in there about the cost of war and how the general public basically never pays much of a cost for it, do we? >> or pays enough attention. >> either one. >> the point of the book is that it's changed over time, when we used to go to war, used to be the country's going to war. when the war would end, there would be a ticker tape parade and we'd all feel like the world was changing because our war was ending. >> we fought it together. >> now it is like the military fights the war and we don't much notice. military families experienced the last ten years since 9/11 has been so different than civilian families' experience. that's because of a few really -- it didn't just happen gradually on its own. a few really specific political decisions happened over the last 30 or 40 years that made war less of a hassle for civilians. just made it have less friction for all of us. >> even though we see more of it on the nightly news and cable
2:51 am
television 24 hours a day? >> it's been downplayed it seems, don't you think? >> think about it. a few weeks before 9/11 we got a multi-trillion dollar tax cut. then we decided we were attacked, and decided we'd invade afghanistan. kept the tax cuts. then we decided couple years later we're going to start a second simultaneous war in iraq. we gave ourselves another round of tax cuts before we did that. whatever you think about tax policy, that's not what you do if you're a country that thinks of yourself at war. you don't give your civilians a sacrifice. >> we're supposed to before we send troops according to the constitution, declare war. >> i've heard of that. >> you know what's great about this book? when you go to page one, sometimes you aren't quite sure what you've got. i wonder what kind of readers you're going to have. you start off bringing it into small town, then you move it right -- >> then make it personal. >> you move it to where you were sort of boots on the ground yourself in afghanistan showing people observations of how the
2:52 am
money was spent which i found appalling in the first several -- >> wasted several millions. >> for example, like my little town where i live in western massachusetts, i live in dirt road rural massachusetts. i live in what we call the kentucky part of massachusetts with cars on blocks and the whole thing. i love it there. we have in my little town, roughly seven houses that are on the town water system. we got homeland security money to protect our water pump from al qaeda? i mean like maybe al qaeda does want to go after our seven houses. maybe. but maybe that wasn't the best use of resources. there is a lot of stuff like that. the popcorn museum and festival being protected like homeland security money after 9/11. >> i think that's some of the reason why people do tune out, rachel. they say there's nothing i can personally do about all of this waste. it makes me crazy to think about the toilet seats the pentagon buys. people just say, huh-uh. i got to deal with my own life. >> that's what the book is about. that national security stuff is totally out of control. it does its own thing.
2:53 am
it is this huge amount of money. we can't even look under the hood. the pentagon hasn't been audited in 30 years. the thing we spend more money on than anything. we let it go because we can't handle it. >> by the way, you have great endorsements on your book, including roger ales who gives it two thumbs up. it is really interesting. >> the thing i appreciate about you, you are a devout liberal. you make no bones about that. but what i appreciate about you, you try very hard to be very fair and get your facts correct, which a lot of people don't. it is just name throwing on both sides and a lot of mud. >> this is one of those issues -- i'm happy roger ales decided to do it. it just gets the attention, not about democrats being right and republicans being wrong. it's not even conservatism versus liberalism. we're all a little unsettled that american families have had such different lives and it's fixable. >> cheers, rachel. >> i'll come by and make you the night version. >> a "new york times" best seller.
2:54 am
>> catch the rachel maddow somehow weeknights at 9:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. up next, giada's here to cook with her daughter, jade. here to make our favorite dishes. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. attention - americans living with limited mobility. what do you do when you can no longer get around like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost. call now for your free dvd and information kit. and now every hoveround comes with this tote bag
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♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. now "cooking with giada," our dear friend giada delaurentiis has a new cookbook out called "weeknights with giada." i love the cover. quick and simple recipes to revamp dinner. >> giada is not here alone, she brought along her cute little daughter -- jade. >> jade is here! hey! >> she's used to it. >> isn't she? >> what number cookbook is this
2:57 am
for you? >> this is my sixth baby. >> sixth baby. >> great. >> number six. >> people have already been making some things from it and they say not only is it just delicious but it is so easy. >> it's probably the simplest of all my books. i think a lot of it has to do with this one right here. i've run out of time. quite frankly. and also, i think kids get tired of regular weeknight meals. so i had to become more creative. >> don't put oil on her hair, mom. >> she's used to being drenched in oil and touching hot pans. it's part of her nature. >> what we're doing today is we took one of each of your favorite ingredients -- >> mom, look at. >> do it over there. >> there's the camera. >> do it. >> oh, yeah. >> it's in her dna. >> your favorite goodie is crab. >> yes, i see that. you're going to help me in one second. jade keeps asking when am i going to help.
2:58 am
we'll made a whole wheat linguini with bacon, basil and crab. this is not diet food but a little bit goes a long way. i browned a little bit of bacon. take it out after it's rendered. >> rendered. excuse us. >> after it's crispy. >> hold the pan. dump the tomatoes. >> you dump those and i'll dump this. >> she's got it. she's all right. >> do pasta after the basil. perfect! >> excellent! >> good girl. >> let me do it. >> so then you cook that together for about ten minutes. it comes like this. we're going to add clam juice and a little bit of cream there. >> giada, you're killing us. >> i know. but like i said, a little bit goes a long way. clam juice. >> the stove was thirsty, too. >> you cook that down.
2:59 am
>> little salt, little pepper. >> look, crab. look. take a piece. >> love it, love it, love it. >> toss that all together, toss it with whole wheat spaghetti or linguini and it looks just like that. >> come in the back, jade! >> i'm not leaving this crab unattended. >> you take care of the crab, we'll take care of hoda's favorite ingredient. peanut butter. >> yes. >> we're making some peanut butter blackberry jam cookies. is sort of my pb and j. >> mommy. mommy. mommy. look. >> you're doing well. >> yes. vanilla, flour -- everything goes if there. >> this is the dough, jade's right. this is the chocolate peanut butter dough. >> can i go eat the linguini -- somebody has to taste these things. that's the whole point. >> i'm going to try one right now. >> looks amazing, honey. >> when is your birthday, jade.


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